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Garden Products and AccessoriesWe are manufacturers of thermostatically temperature controlled plant propagators and suppliers of a wide range of garden products and accessories. Our competitively priced, high quality garden accessories are sourced from popular manufacturers such as Draper, Silverline and Haxnicks in adddition to many of our garden accessories which are made in the UK by cottage industry companies.

Heated Propagators

Thermostatically temperature controlled propagators, the larger units are particularly suitable for the professional growers.

View Heated Propagators

Soil Warming Cables

Used in the greenhouse border or in a sand bed, a soil warming cable can have a tremendous effect in promoting germination, striking cuttings or encouraging speedy early growth.

View Soil Warming Cables


Gain the best results in your greenhouse by controlling the environment and use traditional rod thermostat to control soil warming cables.

View Thermostats

Compost Bins

A range of garden waste compost bins made from wood and plastics. From the traditional wooden slat type unit to the newly devised Aerobin.

View Compost Bins

Gardener's Accessories

A quality range of gardener's accessories from amongst others Planto, renowned for their quality and their designs.

View Gardener's Accessories

Wildlife Products

We offer a range of feeding stations and habitat boxes for insects, birds and small mammals which are so essential for the balanced garden wildlife. The timber used is all from sustainable managed forest sources.

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Pressure Washers & Accessories

We offer a full choice of Pressure Washers to meet all your requirements, ranging from the compact portable for domestic use to the professional heavy duty washer ideal for HGV's and agricultural equipment.

View Pressure Washers & Accessories

Pathways and Edging

Paths and edgings made from recycled plastic material.

View Pathways and Edging

Irrigation Systems

A range of water irrigation systems, used for watering outside plants and beds by either soaker hose or trickle hose.

View Irrigation Systems

Bird Scarers

A selection of non mechanical Bird Scarers, which can either hang from trees or from a post in the ground, single reflective unit to multi rotating unit.

View Rota-Scare

Mist and Pressure Sprayers

A range of garden water spray and mist appliances, from small 1.5 litre easy to hold sprayer to large 16 litre knapsack type sprayers. suitable for weed and bug control spray application.

View Mist and Pressure Sprayers

Garden Power Tools

A selection of electrical and petrol garden tools and equipment including lawn mowers, chain saws, strimmers, shredders, leaf blowers etc.

View Garden Power Tools

Bio-degradable Garden Products

A range of Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly products. Plus superior quality Sphagnum Moss for use in the finest hanging baskets

View Bio-degradable Garden Products

Garden Hand Tools

A range of garden hand tools by various manufacturers with a choice from economy through to the more professional gardener.

View Garden Hand Tools

Garden Covers

A selection of waterproof covers for use around the garden. Ideal to keep your garden equipment and garden furniture clean and dry.

View Garden Covers

Wild Bird Feed

We offer quality wild bird feed from the Peckish range, whose promise is to use only the best ingredients in their products.

View Wild Bird Feed

Garden Polytunnels

The award winning Easy Tunnel range is designed with the modern gardener in mind, needing the least amount of construction, but offering maximum practicality and effectiveness.

View Garden Polytunnels

Arbours & Arches

Structure and form are essential elements in garden design and both can easily be achieved with the addition of an arbour or arches.

View Arbours & Arches


There is nothing like eating freshly picked salad from your garden, greenhouse or patio, and even if you only have a small area to do this with, the 'cut & come again' Seedbed Rolls we offer, are just the thing for you.

View Seeds

Wheel Barrows

County WheelBarrows make a versatile range of barrows, suitable for the weekend gardener through to the landed gentry, with a couple of acres or a paddock full of horses.

View Wheel Barrows

Raised Beds & Planters

We offer a wide range of timber raised beds, some of which are available with pest & weather protection covers.

View Raised Beds & Planters

Cold Frames & Plant Houses

A selection of single and double timber Cold Frames and hardwood Plant House. Ideal for hardening off your seedlings or cuttings, before planting out.

View Cold Frames & Plant Houses

Greenhouse Vents & Accessories

Ventilation is essential in a greenhouse to promote healthy, disease free growth. Suitable for both aluminium and timber greenhouses, we offer Roof, Side and Louvre Vent Openers.

View Greenhouse Vents & Accessories

Gardening Bags

A selection of useful bags for around the garden. Pop-Up sacks for collecting garden waste, robust bags for carrying hand tools, seeds, string etc, belt bag for tools, heavy duty garden sacks.

View Gardening Bags

Garden Fencing & Netting

A selection of wire nets/mesh for all your garden fencing requirements together with nettings and ground cover materials.

View Garden Fencing & Netting

Special Offers

Thermostatically temperature controlled propagators, the larger units are particularly suitable for the professional growers.

View Special Offers

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